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Charlemont Software is a software consulting and development company offering computer software consulting, web services, and software development. We also are active participants in our community.

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Software Consulting

We provide consulting and contract software development services to the research and development departments of major software companies and corporate clients. We specialize in system architecture, technology selection, object-oriented design and analysis, high performance data management solutions, network and distributed programming, and financial modeling tools.

Our client list includes:

  MIT Whitehead Institute
Digital Equipment Corp
Life Cycle Solutions
MKS Instruments
Object Design / Excelceon
Parametric Technology Corp (PTC)
Rover Group

Web Services

Charlemont Software offers high quality web site design, development, and maintenance services through its affiliate Charlemont Web Works at

Product Development

Financial modeling technology developed by Charlemont Software was spun off in the year 2000 to create Net View Technologies in Watertown, Mass. NetView builds incentive compensation management software that helps companies increase their sales efficiency and reduce administrative costs.

Charlemont Software also developed a graphical database browser and debugging tool for the ObjectStore™ object oriented database.

Community Involvement


Charlemont Connect is an effort that has succeeded in bringing affordable, high speed internet access to Charlemont residents and businesses.

We are pleased to have developed the website for the town of Charlemont, Massachusetts.

Charlemont Software helped the Tyler Memorial Library set up its first internet connection and provided training to town residents.

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